Since a while I’m combing through lettering pages on Instagram and the more I see, the more fascinated I become. You can’t believe that those perfect, even letters and words are handwritten and not printed by a machine.

Me as a very curious and DIY-fanatic person, of course immediately tried to do hand-lettering on my own. But it really turned out to be much more complicated and to require much more patience (a quality I really don’t have at all) than I thought. I painted word for word and page for page, but it was rather luck if one letter was successful.

So now I started to do lettering seriously by first setting up the alphabet to have better orientation and to bring more unity in my doing. I’m practicing hard at the moment and I think I’ll soon become proof to do lettering without these witness lines on the paper.

What do you think of my first tries? I’ll probably let you hear about my efforts soon!


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