Upcycling that Old Pair of Sneakers

I just arrived home some days ago from traveling the world for three month carrying nothing with me but a backpack. Me, someone who loves her huge closet, her mass of beauty products, her fancy accessories and being styled in every situation of life. I didn’t take any makeup or any of my beloved cloths with me – sounds hard for a person like me, just having two outfits, the one you are wearing and the one for the laundry. But after those three months I realized how many cloths I store that I will never ever wear anymore, but you just don’t manage to put those away.

So when I arrived home, the first thing I did was pulling out like half of my cloths. I gave most of them to charity, but as a DiY-Lover, I kept some items that looked auspiciously for some new projects.

I think many of you might feel a little familiar with what I just told. But often you can really make gold from old. So let’s just start with the shoes. Probably everyone has an old pair of sneakers at home they loved to wear but now it’s too old and doesn’t really look good any more. The colors have faded and you wouldn’t wear them on the streets, although they’re not threadbare.

First step

The cleaning. Some shoes do look like new ones if you just wash them in the washing machine. If you are not sure if they would tear, take some old toothbrush and commercial soap and scrub them until clean.

Second step

The colouring. Take a sponge and textile colour and paint either the whole shoe or just parts of it. I just painted them completely black to make sure that the actual colour is totally covered. Put some tape on the sole and other parts you don’t want to paint, it makes this step a lot easier an you won’t be annoyed about some irregularities with the colour.

Third step

The accent. Now it’s time to make a whole new amazing pair of shoes from your old ones. Look for some applications, little rhinestones, glitter, sequins, whatever you like. First think of how to place them on the shoe and then stick it to the material with superglue.

That’s the result! The shoes were snake patterned before and I have to say I’m really proud of what they look like now.

Have fun trying on your own and stay creative!

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