As most of you girls, I am also thinking  about my body for so often, about losing weight, getting the perfect body, running to the gym like a fool, and after a few weeks my motivation is gone because changes won’t show up that quickly. How often did I feel down and worthless?

But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from so many years of dieting without success and even gaining more weight, it is to love yourself.
Appreciating oneself is the only base for constantly loosing weight and get a fit and beautiful body.
🍚 EAT because you love your body. Don’t starve or diet onesided. If you love your body, feed it enough and with the right things for its health, that’s the key. Don’t starve and then end up in binge eating because your body is totally weak and needs to take itself what it deserves – carbs in the form of sugar and fatty food.

👟 WORKOUT because you love your body. Don’t workout because you think you ate too much or you’re not content with your shape or the little extra fat. Workout because it’s good for you, because it gives you power, strength, energy, balance and eliminates stress.
Learn to love yourself in anything you do and no matter how you look like.
Don’t hate yourself for eating too much chocolate or not going to gym like one time.
Beautiful girls are only those who are self-conscious , content, balanced and who unconditionally love themselves as they are.


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