DIY Leather Espandrilles

You can feel summer is on its way here in Germany. First time this year over 20 degrees and more sunshine than just for a few hours. It’s absolutely my favourite season of the year when summer is coming but it’s not too hot and dry yet. You can dress best at this time 😉

I love wearing long trousers and open shoes with them. Next to my Birkenstock slippers, I always have Espandrilles in the wardrobe in summer. They’re just too comfortable and stylish, I wouldn’t want to miss them in summer.

This year, I was first planning to sew some on my own, but this is far more complicated than I thought. So I bought a cheap pair at H&M and embellished them.

You’ll need

• some cheap Espandrilles

•some leather 

• a chain of rhinestones

• needle, thread and a scissors 

Cut the leather to the right size and sew it into the shoes. Glewing is also an option.

Add the chain of rhinestones. Try where on the shoe you like it best and sew or glue it onto the shoe.

It’s not a very difficult DIY, but I think my shoes look so much more beautiful than before, just as if they had been really expensive!

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