A clutch for all Catwomen

Due to my journey to Thailand and Australia I already mentioned in my last post (and that probably will appear in some more blog posts), I passed carnival this year. The fifths season is one of my favourite times of the year and I was almost a little sad about not celebrating and dressing up this year. I’ve tried so many costumes in the last years, and the biggest success always is when nobody recognizes you 😉 But now just a question… How many of the girls haven’t ever been Catwoman for carnival? I guess most of you have. It’s just the easiest costume for Halloween or carnival and you still look good in disguise.

To catch up on carnival, I did a DIY for feeling like Catwoman every time I go out. It’s a kitten clutch!

You’ll need

– Black and white leather

– Needle and black thread

– Scissors and glue

– A Zipper and a gold chain

First step

With a handmade template, cut out two pieces shaped like the head of a cat, and the rim, a rectangle having the length of measuring from one ear to another around the head. The zipper should be the length that is in between the two ears.

Second step

From the inside out, sew the three leather pieces together by hand. Turn the leather upside down, and if it’s not stable enough, take your template and stick it into the bag. Then, from the outside, sew the zipper on the bag.


Third step

Take the chain and assume the right length for the handle. Fix it on both sides of the bag on the same level.

Fourth step

Cut out two eyes from the white leather and glue them onto the bag.

That’s it! I decided to give you just such an approximate and open description because there are so many different ways to realize this DIY project, and it’s no hard sewing work, everyone can do it. Whatever animal you choose, have fun and stay creative!

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