A pearly pullover for spring

It’s an every day struggle of every woman, interested in fashion or not, having like two different outfits or a whole huge wardrobe. Every day the same question. I have nothing to wear having a full closet. I have to get me some new cloths. Can’t wear half of my cloths anymore because they’re not interesting/new/nice enough. Just have a look at these last ones, isn’t there an old plain pullover or shirt among them? Actually it’s still beautiful and suits you very well. But it’s just too boring to wear it or combine it.

Grab that one and some pearls and rhinestones and here goes my new DIY!

You’ll need

• an old plain pullover

• lots of pearls and rhinestones

• needle and thread

• a sheet of paper and a pencil

First step

Start designing. Think of the design, in which manner do you want to place the pearls on the pullover? Draw it onto the sheet of paper to have a better orientation later. You can start sewing freehand. I just pinned the pattern onto the pullover, it’s a lot easier.

Here’s my template for download for you.


Second step

Start sewing. Take a thread having the same colour as the pullover and sew the pearls onto the pullover going along your template. Yes, sew the paper onto the fabric, you can easily remove it when you’re finished. It may take a lot of time, depending on how difficult your arrangement is.

Third step

Remove the sheet and if the pearls are too lose, stitch them a second time on the pullover.

I’m wearing my new pullover this spring with my white straw hat and white jeans. So many people asked me where I bought it and they were really bewildered and kind of speechless when I told them it was a DIY. Try it, it’s worth it, and you have a new beautiful thing to wear in your closet, low budget and never wondering what to wear again! At least for the next day 😉


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