Blouse embroidered with pearls

If a do-it-yourselfer should have something at home, it’s a handful of pearls you can sew on any material you want. I do a lot of DIYs with pearls, they are classy and make every outfit look fine and expensive. This one can be easily imitated by anyone!

You will need:

  • a blouse
  • some buttons
  • some pearls
  • scissors
  • needle and thread


How to:

  1.  Cut off the old buttons.


2. Sew on the new ones (it would be best if they were all pearl buttons, I just found the one at home).


3. Arrange the peals on the collar and sew them on it.




The pullover on the right, by the way, was an older DIY of mine. Comment if you’d like to see an extra instruction for this one! 💕

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