Jewel studded bracelet


Welcome to my first article on my new blog!! 🎉

Today I’ll show you how to convert a normal and simple bracelet into an eyecatcher.💎 You’ll need:
– a bracelet (I bought mine at H&M)
– some rhinestones of different size
– an edding
– a glue gun

First, you decide where and in which way you’d like to place the rhinestones on the bracelet, and draw some dots for orientation onto the bracelet, what will later make the placement easier.


Most difficult part: now you paste the rhinestones on the bracelet. This has to go really fast because the glue dries inbetween some seconds. It’s best to have the bracelet ready to hand, then a little drop of glue on the reverse of the rhinestone and put it to the chosen place.


The result looks great, doesn’t it?? ❤



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